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How We Work

The Best Lawyers Are Savvy Advocates.

By incorporating 3 levels of advocacy into each module, our unique program ensures sustainable success for your firm's most promising attorneys. 




Your Lawyers' Time Is Your Firm's Money.


Our Programs Are Individually Tailored To The Needs Of Your Firm And Are Designed For Maximum Impact And Efficiency.

Our 7-Month Foundational Program Is Comprised Of:

  • ​Initial Alignment Discussion With Firm Stakeholders

  • Project Launch Meeting With Participants And Leadership

  • 6 Monthly Modules That Include Group Training Sessions And Practica

  • Sessions Can Be Provided In-Person And Virtually

  • Facilitation Of Integrated Firm Advocacy And Support

  • Progress Review And Analysis For Leadership

  • Wrap-Up, Program Summary And Graduation



Tenets of Private Practice

In this module, we will begin by addressing the various challenges and opportunities that are unique to private practice. We will explore the expectations of the Firm, partners, and clients, and how adopting the right mindset is essential for success. Participants will come to understand the financial workings of the Firm and what their respective roles are in its success.



Management 1

To successfully navigate the various demands and pressures of being a lawyer, it is vital to develop strong project, people, and time management skills. During this first of two modules dedicated to management, we will focus on time management, project management, and client management, three of the most important skills that every attorney should master.



Management 2

The second management module is committed to the management of people, a critical skill that is not taught in law school. Participants will learn how to effectively manage staff and other attorneys they are responsible for, as well as best practices for "managing up" with regard to partners' expectations.





Intake & Client Onboarding

In module 4, participants will learn how to effectively onboard new clients, successfully open new matters, and apply proven business development strategies to their client interactions. The focus will be on helping participants develop the confidence and applications necessary to build a profitable book of business. 

Tools, Techniques & Tactics 1

During this module, we will teach strategies and best practices for research, brief writing, and the brainstorming of matter resolution. We will also address the best way to employ technology to boost productivity and efficiency. Participants will benefit from our real-world experience and come away with a more pragmatic and efficient approach to their practice.

Tools, Techniques & Tactics 2

During Part 2 of Tools, Techniques, & Tactics, we will teach best practices for depositions, interacting with the court and opposing counsel, and the handling of witnesses. This module also provides a crucial primer on the rules of evidence. Participants will be better equipped to resolve matters efficiently and effectively.

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